Popverse Magazine Calls For Pitches/ How To Submit (Payment: $20)
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Popverse Magazine Calls For Pitches/ How To Submit (Payment: $20)

Popverse Magazine stands as a vibrant platform within the realm of modern entertainment, offering readers insightful analyses, engaging personal stories, and riveting interviews within the expansive universe of TV, movies, comics, creators, and conventions.

For aspiring freelance writers seeking to contribute to this dynamic space, understanding the submission guidelines, content preferences, and pitching process is vital. This comprehensive guide aims to help become a valued contributor to Popverse.

Submission Guidelines For Popverse Magazine 

Before diving into the intricate details of pitching and crafting content for Popverse, it’s essential to grasp the fundamental principles guiding submissions:

  • Ensure that your pitch aligns with Popverse’s focus on TV, movies, comics, creators, and conventions.
  • Strive to present fresh perspectives and unique insights that resonate with Popverse’s audience.
  • Maintain a high standard of writing, clarity, and engagement throughout your submission.
  • Uphold principles of inclusivity, diversity, and integrity in your content, avoiding any form of discrimination or bigotry.


What Popverse Wants

Popverse thrives on a diverse array of content that captivates and enriches its readership. Here’s what they’re particularly interested in:

1. In-depth Analyses: Delve into significant projects within comics, movies, TV, and games, offering insightful commentary and exploration.
2. Personal Stories: Share narratives that resonate with the Popverse community, evoking emotions and fostering connections.
3. Engaging Interviews: Conduct compelling conversations with pop culture personalities, providing readers with unique insights and perspectives.

What Popverse Doesn’t Want

While embracing diverse viewpoints, Popverse maintains certain boundaries regarding content. Here’s what they prefer to avoid:

  • While expert opinions are valued, unsolicited opinion pieces may not align with current editorial needs.
  • Popverse typically assigns review topics internally, reducing the need for freelance pitches in this category.
  • Any content promoting discrimination, bigotry, or harmful stereotypes is strictly prohibited.

How to Pitch

Crafting an effective pitch is the gateway to securing a spot within Popverse’s roster of contributors. Follow these steps to increase your chances of success:

  • Begin with “Pitch:” followed by a concise summary of your article idea.
  • Introduce yourself, highlighting your writing/journalism experience and credentials.
  • Present your concept in two to three paragraphs, emphasizing its relevance and potential impact.
  • Include one or more headline options to convey the central theme of your piece.
  • Provide links to relevant writing samples that demonstrate your ability to align with Popverse’s style and tone.


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Eligibility Criteria

  • Popverse welcomes pitches from freelance writers and video producers of all backgrounds and experiences.
  • As long as submissions adhere to the guidelines and meet the platform’s standards, aspiring contributors from diverse demographics are encouraged to participate.
  • There is no entry fee.

Author Rights

Writers whose pitches are accepted retain the rights to their work, granting Popverse the necessary permissions for publication. However, contributors maintain ownership of their content beyond its initial appearance on the platform.


  • Popverse compensates contributors at a standard rate of $100 per article, typically ranging from 1,000 to 1,800 words.
  • For exceptional pieces, such as in-depth interviews or original reporting, higher rates of $150 or more may be negotiated.
  • Shorter write-ups may receive compensation of $50 to $75, depending on their scope and depth.

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