Pineapple Prize 2012

…the PG CWWN Prize for Contemporary Women’s Writing
To participate in the Pineapple Prize 2012 competition, post on Facebook and Twitter, your nominations for books that in your view deserve recognition. Twitter ID: @pgcwwn (tag ‘#pineapple’) . Facebook group: Facebook group (PG CWWN)..Ensure that the name of the text and author are both mentioned!
Deadline for posting nominations is 21st May, 2012.
Nominate any novel, non-fiction book, poetry, short story collection, drama text, or even an individual poem or short story. Ensure that nominated entry has been written by a female writer and published in either hardback, paperback or digitally within May, 2011 and April, 2012.
However, you are not allowed to nominate any novels already listed for this year’s Orange Prize. But you can submit as many nominations as you like. Ensure that they fit the stated criteria. You’re also allowed to squeeze in a few words explaining why you loved the book.
A list of all nominations will be drawn up on the Pineapple Prize 2012 website. The eventual winner will be announced on May 31 (the day after the announcement of the Orange Prize winner). Participants who tweet or post their nominations will be entered into a prize draw to win a £10 Waterstones gift card and two copies of the nominated book to donate to a library, book group, charity, hospital or school of their choice.
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