This is for both amateur and professional writers who want time, support and a conducive environment to work on their prose.  
The University of East Anglia has announced two fellowships for writers.
One is the David T K Wong, open to both published and unpublished writers; and the other is the CharlesPick Fellowship for budding writers who are willing to write fictional and non-fictional prose in English.
The David T. K. WongFellowship is a nine-month residential Fellowship, with an award of £26,000.  The Fellowship will be awarded to a writer planning to produce a work of prose fiction in English about some aspect of life in the Far East.  Established published and unpublished writers are welcome to apply. 
Deadline for applications: 17 January 2011
Click Here to download:  2011 Terms and Conditions; 2011 application forms and other documents
FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE: http://www.uea.ac.uk/lit/awards/wong
The CharlesPick Fellowship is a six-month residential fellowship with an award of £10,000. The Fellowship seeks to continue this spirit of encouragement by giving support to the work of a new and, as yet, unpublished writer of fictional or non-fictional prose. Its dual purpose is to give promising writers the opportunity complete a major work and to develop his/her talents.  The Fellowship starts on 1 October 2011.
Deadline for applications: 30 January 2011
Click here to download:   2011 Information, Terms and Conditions,  2011 Application Form,  2011 Reference Form  and other documents.
FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE: http://www.uea.ac.uk/lit/awards/pick

Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam

Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam writes prose fiction and creative non-fiction. She is the founder of creativewritingnews.com. Her first novella, Finding Love Again was published by Ankara Press. Her second novella, The Heiress' Bodyguard was shortlisted for the Saraba Manuscript Awards. She currently works as content marketer for various online businesses. You can follow her at @cwritingnws.

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