Are you a writer who wants an all-expense covered opportunity and a cash award? Then this opportunity will interest you.

The organizers of the 2019 Alpine Fellowship Annual Symposium are currently accepting submissions. Three lucky writers will be awarded this international prize.

The theme for this round of submissions is : ‘Identity’

The organizers want you to think along these lines:

On the level of groups, identity is what distinguishes one group from another, and we might ask questions such as what makes a nation a nation, or a family, or a club. We anticipate considering the role of our geography, of our values, religion, ethnicity, or ideology in the shaping of group identities. In an age of digital interconnectedness people belong to tribes that extend far beyond geographical boundaries.

But we might also wonder about the limits of our ability to identify, and think about the tensions that can arise between assignment and conscious identification, such as with gender. Perhaps identity is a fiction, something that we can do without, a remnant of a past that is to be overcome. Buddhism teaches us about the value of de-identification, perhaps even positing that the very existence of the self is an illusion. Does identity dissolve into non-identity, into a state of oneness? And can technology help with dissolving these boundaries? Or does it erase our individuality by making us cogs in a large technocratic system?

Word count: up to 2,500 words

Genre: Fiction, non-fiction and or poetry.

Awards and Prizes:

Apart from an express invitation to attend the Fjällnäs  symposium in Sweden, the winners will receive:

  • A cash award of £10,000, £3,000 and £2,000 for first, second and third prize winners respectively.

This award will be judged and presented by poet, John Burnside, who says he favors.

‘… writing that combines imagination and craft to create something that need not be highly ‘polished’, but which shows an artisan’s humility alongside that spontaneous engagement with the work of making that rests securely upon the awareness of what Ezra Pound called ‘a live tradition’ – not as a set of limits, but as an invitation to explore, to make new and, most of all, to extend the musical possibilities of language.’

Submission Guidelines:

All entries must be sent via the Alpine Fellowship Submittable Portal HERE.

Only one entry per writer is permitted. You can send visual arts and theatre works too.

Submit your entry before the 1st April 2019 deadline. The website stipulates a 10th April 2019 deadline. If I were you, I’d work with the earlier deadline.

There is no entry free or geographical restrictions.


Good luck.


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