13 Jun, 2024

5 Remote Work Trends That Will Make a Difference in 2020

Remote working is becoming an increasingly sought after career, with movies such as Avatar showing us extreme examples of ‘pure remote work’, where people operate machines and artificial organisms as ‘proxies’ located miles away from them using their unique skills. While this may seem possible only in a distant future, there are 5 remote work […]

5 mins read

5 Remote Working Freelancers Earning $1000 Per Month

Today there are more freelancers, working remotely from around the world. Below, we share the names and experiences of 5 freelancers who are earning $1000 per month:   Ekanki Vishnoi Independent Social Media Manager/Marketer and SEO Content Writer Ekanki who works with Pune is known for her flexibility. She works as a Freelance Social Media […]

6 mins read