The Whiting Creative Nonfiction Grant 2021

The Whiting Creative Nonfiction Grant of $40,000 will be awarded to as many as eight writers in the process of completing a book-length work of deeply researched and imaginatively composed nonfiction for a general readership.

The Whiting Creative Nonfiction Grant 2021 is intended for multiyear book projects requiring large amounts of deep and focused research, thinking, and writing at a crucial point mid-process, after significant work has been accomplished but when an extra infusion of support can make a difference in the ultimate shape and quality of the work. Applications are due April 26. Find the submission form here.


  • Projects must be under contract with a US publisher to be eligible.
  • Contracts with self-publishing companies are not eligible.
  • Applicants must be US citizens or residents. (In previous cycles, projects had to be under contract for two years at time of application; recognizing that many projects do not secure publishing contracts until they are nearly complete, they have removed the 2-year restriction.)
  • Whiting welcomes applications for works of history, cultural or political reportage, biography, memoir, the sciences, philosophy, criticism, food or travel writing, graphic nonfiction, and personal essays, among other categories.
  • Again, the work should be intended for a general, not academic, adult reader.
  • Self-help titles, books for young readers, and textbooks are not eligible.

The Whiting Creative Non-Fiction Grant 2021

Submission Guidelines for The Whiting Creative Non-Fiction Grant 2021

Writers must submit the following materials:

  • The original proposal that led to the contract with a publisher.
  • Up to 25,000 words from your draft. Please submit complete draft chapters, rather than short excerpts from across your book, to the extent the word count allows
  • A statement of work to be completed and plan for use of funds
  • A signed and dated contract (please note that to be eligible, books must be under contract with a US publisher – unfortunately, we can make no exceptions to this requirement)
  • A current resume
  • A list of grants, fellowships, or other funding received for the book
  • A letter of support from the book’s publisher or editor (due no later than May 10, 2021)

If you have any questions about the eligibility of your project or the application process, please contact the Whiting Foundation at nonfiction[email protected]
Regardless of eligibility for this grant, Whiting encourages nonfiction writers at all stages of the writing process to consult the Poets & Writers’ Writing Contests, Grants & Awards database for other opportunities for support.


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