The Alpine Fellowship Academic Writing Prize 2022/ How To Apply (Prize: £4000)

Applications are open for the 2022 Alpine Fellowship Academic Writing Prize. The Award is given to the best piece of academic essay writing on the theme Freedom.

Eligibility for the Alpine Fellowship Academic Writing Prize 2022

  • The 2022 Alpine fellowship prize for academic writing is open to all nationalities, aged 18 and above.
  • All entries must be written in English.

The Alpine fellowship Prize 2022

Submission Guidelines

  • A maximum of 4,000 words per entry (including citations and bibliography)
  • Academic writing is to be construed properly. They do not seek creative writing, Academic writing is seen as writing that
    a) advances and defends an argument on the question and/or that
    b) makes a systematic and appreciable contribution to knowledge in academic disciplines, concerning the topic of the symposium. Work from different disciplinary (or interdisciplinary) approaches including, but not limited to, philosophy, history, sociology, literary studies, political theory, biology, anthropology, and psychology will be considered.
  • A major factor that might give one an upper hand in the contest will be the ability of a piece to speak in an engaging way to a general intellectual audience.
  • Limited to one entry per person, and one may not submit the same piece for the Alpine Fellowship Writing Prize.
  • Applicants can enter more than one prize in a single year, but it MUST be with different pieces of work. One piece of work can only be entered once.
  • Text must not have been published, self-published or accepted for publication in print or online, or have won or been placed in another competition at any time.
  • Entries are judged anonymously so please ensure your name does not appear anywhere on your submission.
  • Applications open: 1st January 2022
  • Applications close: 1st April 2022
  • Submissions are to be made to the official site 


The winner and two runners up are invited to attend the symposium.

Winner receives £3,000 cash prize and is invited to attend the symposium.
Runners-up are invited to attend the symposium and offered reimbursement of travel expenses up to £500.



Good Luck!

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