Iskanchi Press Magazine is Open for Submissions/ How to Apply (Payment: $40 Per Piece)

Iskanchi Press is currently calling for experimental prose submissions for their Spring 2023 Issue.


Iskanchi Press is an independent publishing house focused on fiction, essays, poetry, folklore and folktales, children’s books, books on African heroes and history, as written by Africans. According to the founder and former Kachifo editor, Kenechi Uzor, “With the press, we wanted to act on the need for more people of color in publishing, to represent ourselves, to tell our own stories without any erasure or pressure to conform to the literary tradition as postulated by the West. We believe that to tell our stories properly, we must tell them ourselves.”

Iskanchi Literary Magazine Inspired by “Iskanci,” the Hausa word for irreverence and craziness, Iskanchi Mag will seek out and publish wayward literature by African writers. The idea is to showcase works that engage with and examine what the experimental form looks like in the African literary context. They are interested in pieces that disobey in form and content, in works that bother by being without borders.


Submissions Guidelines for Iskanchi Press Submissions

Iskanchi Press Call for Submissions

For Iskanchi Mag, send in your irreverent and disobedient work too short/small to stand alone as a book.


  • They accept all file formats.
  • Ensure to include a cover letter in your submission.
  • All submissions must be well-written and well-edited. Therefore, you need to learn about the intricacies of writing and editing.
  • They aim to respond to submissions within three months, hopefully earlier.
  • All submissions should be sent to [email protected] or through their website form.

Payment for Iskanchi Press Submissions

For the Spring 2023 Issue, writers will receive compensation of $40 per accepted magazine piece.


The submission deadline is March 12th, 2023.

To get a feel of their type of publication, visit their website. Goodluck,

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