Call For Submissions: Earn Money Writing For Longreads

Sep 21, 2017by Miriam David0

Have you published a story you would like to be considered for Longread’s Editor’s Pick ? Share a story link with @Longreads on Twitter, or share the story using the #longreads tag. If you don’t use Twitter, you can send story links to [email protected].

Longreads is also  accepting pitches for original work . This means fiction is currently not accepted. Their rates are competitive so you should consider any of the following:


Blog posts / Reading lists / Short interviews

Choose a news item, discussion or a recently published piece of longform journalism that is trending online—and curate a post that may lead the reader to other great long reads they may not have known about and write it in a strong voice. Story ideas that can be used for recurring posts are of welcome.  These posts are $250 for 800 to 1,000 words. We would also be interested in ideas for recurring or weekly posts.

If this is an offer you are interested in, contact Michelle Legro, Krista Stevens, and Michelle Weber

Personal essays / Reported and researched essays

These kinds of essays are judiciously written and have to be engaging as they often deal with topics in the news written from a personal or historic angle. You can be a little experimental with your writing, research or ideas-based essays.  These are generally between 2,000-3,000 words, but could be longer.

Basic payment for these write up is $500, but this rate is determined by the research and length of your proposal. It does not matter if you have a fully published work that matches this type of work or just an idea, you should get in touch with Michelle Legro for this kind of piece.

For personal essays that don’t emphasize reporting, send completed essays for consideration, not pitches, to essays editor Sari Botton. Put the word “Essay” in the subject line, and include a short, concise synopsis of the piece. Include a bit about yourself, your writing history, and your personal connection to the subject matter. Personal essays should tell a true story. Where necessary, there can be some journalistic reporting, but the main focus for these pieces is a personal narrative. Before you pitch, read Longreads guide to pitching personal essays.


For more Information about these writing opportunities and more, visit their website here

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