5 Ways to Make Money Writing Essays

Actually academic essays are products of intellectual enquiry and critical thinking presented by academic writers to clients. However, some scholars—especially those who have extensive knowledge of specific subjects—monetize their craft by writing essays online for money. The internet has made it possible for clients and essay writers to connect through adverts, websites and many other related sources. As a matter of fact, once the essay writers get used to writing, they can earn a reasonable income from the comfort of their homes, specifically through offerIng custom academic writing services.

Essay writing as a freelancer

You’re probably wondering what freelancing entails. Well, freelancing means to have short-term assignments, jobs (milestones) or contracts with different companies, organizations and websites—often simultaneously. Through the internet, essay writers have greatly expanded their opportunities to earn money through freelancing. And though this sounds exciting, freelancing can be both challenging and empowering.

I’ll explain.

To be a successful freelancer, one has to decide the specific type of freelance work to do. Often freelancers offer services that are within the areas of strength, especially when they have the right skills required to deliver excellent work. And finally, the freelancer has to decide how much to charge for the services rendered.

For essay writers, they should consider the secondary skills that they have. These skills often include but aren’t limited to, writing and researching. After assessing themselves, they need some little experience before they start freelancing. Again, they need to be confident in their abilities, and to exercise the discipline required to produce impressive work.

To make freelancing operational and profitable, one has to create a brand so as to a competitive advantage over other competitors. You’ll have to do this through logos, websites, blogs, taglines and impressive social media marketing strategies.

As a matter of fact, specializing in essay writing will increase your chances of attracting clients. You probably know by now, that many people don’t like writing essays. But don’t forget that you will excel in this field if you produce quality work.

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Since most potential clients are more interested in the writer’s ability to write a good essay than in specific qualifications, it is important to build a portfolio (samples of your work) that showcases one’s work. The portfolio will help the clients to see samples of the freelancer’s work and decide if they qualify for the job. The portfolio should also include the organizations, companies or people the freelancer has worked for in the past. This will further boost the writer’s profile among the potential clients in the niche. Since the writer’s aim of offering custom academic writing services is to make money, the freelancer should set up an invoicing system and start pitching to clients.

Content writing and blogging

It is impractical to start a blog with an aim of making money without a plan. According to research, there are thousands of niches ranging from huge to broad, small to virtually unknown. While some are easier to monetize, others are not.

To start with, it is prudent to know one’s interests before picking a niche. For example, essay writers should consider choosing the niche of content writing. In fact, magazines, blogs and journals are hungry for quality writing and many are ready to pay. Since success does not come overnight, content writers and bloggers are advised to hustle for opportunities to gain a competitive advantage in the niche.

Although some blogs trade content of guest bloggers for exposure (and no cash payments), there exist many clients who pay freelance writers for their articles. Sometimes guest blogs can lead to paid work. For example, a blog can be approached by several guest writers to create an essay using custom academic writing services for paid courses. The blog will inevitably pay the guest bloggers for their work. Through blogging, essay writers build their credibility because each essay they write builds on the existing essay, thus alerting potential clients in the niche of the credibility of their work.

Some clients need evidence of expertise in essay writing, so through blogging, one can reach clients and prove to them that he or she can provide excellent custom academic writing services.


Cold pitching

The best way to forge the career of custom academic writing services is through cold pitching, which involves emailing strangers to convince them to recruit you. Cold pitching helps writers to get into the radar of potential clients. A successful cold pitch has to start with an irresistible headline since you are reaching out to strangers. The cold pitch can be highly persuasive as well as hard to ignore, but the headline if not aptly chosen can increase the chances of the email being ignored. Try to know the name of the person you are cold pitching and address them by name to show that you have taken time to study them and you are indeed the right person to write (and or edit) for them.

Clearly, outline the purpose of your pitch because it is unnecessary to waste time impressing someone who is not interested in you or does not need your services. After the outline, introduce yourself as well as establish your credibility through a simple, yet powerful introduction. Once you have introduced yourself, outline your services by telling them how you can be of help. This can be done by linking them to your custom academic writing services website or portfolio. Lastly, conclude and encourage them to reply by letting them know that you are interested in hearing from them and encourage them to raise their concerns or ask questions if any.

Essay writing for students

Custom academic writing services are popular among students because they either spend most of their time working, have too much homework or they lack the skills and discipline to produce a good essay. In fact, a good essay requires enviable research and writing skills. And since students are required to write essays on different subjects (within a limited time frame), they often seek the services of professional essay writers. They especially prefer the services of writers who are able to not only focus on a certain subject but also devote more time to writing it. Since a good essay needs in-depth research as well as a creative approach, most students get bored when working on difficult essays or sometimes they get overwhelmed by the numerous assignments. This explains why they hire the services of academic essay writers.

Generally, there are many professional essay writers, who are ready to help the students regardless of their deadline or topic. Even if the students have written part of the essay, a professional essay writer can finish writing the paper in time. Students who consider essay writing a nightmare often seek the services of an online essay writer. Some students consider writing easy essays but avoid long and complicated ones, so they order them online. On the contrary, some students prefer to write the essays themselves. However, this category of students knows the advantages of having the template of a properly laid one.

Students hire them because online essay writers are perfectly familiar with the academic standards of the essays as well as their proper structures.

Academic writing through third-party websites

Determined and passionate writers can venture into research writing, which unlike other genres is much easier since all the information is on the internet. Interested essay writers can take on projects, follow instructions and then submit quality articles before the deadline. The most important thing is the quality of the work. Remember that quality is the key factor in custom academic writing services.

Globally, hundreds of legitimate academic writing websites cover various types of writing related to academic research and education. First, choose an academic site, and apply for a free account. The administrators might take several days, weeks, or even months to approve your registration. If these accounts are not properly managed they can be terminated, therefore before applying for an account, one should consider their skills and abilities. You have to prove that you can provide quality work. To be one of the best in academic writing and earn more, the essay writer should always produce top-notch quality work. That’s the easiest way to make a lot of money from writing essays.


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